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  • Provide Medicaid Waiver Services
  • Provide Personal Care Services
  • Provide Supervised Visitation Services-DBA
    PP Home Services, LLC provides this service.
  • Provide Drug and Alcohol Screening
    Services-DBA PP Home Services, LLC
    provides this service.

Visitation Services are described as two basic types of services: Supervision or semi-supervised visitation of an entire visit between a child and a parent or significant other; and supervision or monitoring of the transfer of the child from one parent to another.

P & P Home Services, LLC provides both of these services for families in a safe and comfortable setting as well support for both parents and child.

P & P Home Services, LLC is dedicated to providing a safe neutral environment where parents and children can spend quality time together. Our goal is to facilitate the visitation process to help families get the most out of this special time together. These visits may occur at the facility or public place.

P & P Home Services, LLC can service a wide range of families including those experiencing past or ongoing domestic violence, sexual abuse, threats of abduction, history of substance abuse and/or mental illness, high conflict divorce, DCS involvement and adoption cases. Bi-lingual staff is available.

P & P Home Services, LLC provides supervised visitation services for the Department of Child Services (DCS) clients as well as self referred clients and referrals by courts, attorneys and social service agencies.

For self referred rates/fees, clients may contact P & P Home Services, LLC by phone or email at