Welcome to the New Normal

So many new things are happening! All are over this pandemic and want to get back to “normal”.  Well, we may have to consider a “new normal”.

What exactly is a “new normal’?  According to Theresa Nutten, Purdue CAPS Staff Therapist, “Some people may find themselves in survival mode, gathering information and resources necessary to function at school, work, as a person, and in our relationships with others. Others may be attempting to settle into their new routines. For some, this means trying to combat social isolation. For many, it means learning how to live (or re-live) with friends, family members, partners, or roommates, which is not always easy.”

Having to adjust with a new norm may be uncomfortable, but rest assure, if we maintain a positive outlook, we will survive.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, have anxiety or experiencing depression, SEEK HELP.  You are not alone in this.

In continuing with keeping things positive, PPHS is planning a way to give back to the hard-working DSPs, who continue to provide encouragement to our clients while they adjust to their new normal.  Soon, PPHS will announce how we are giving back.  Please continue to review the Welcome page for updates.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Normal”

  1. P&P is the most caring agency that I have worked for, not only for our individuals but also the team members.
    love this.

  2. P&P Home Services, I have worked with them since 2012, I just love this company for all the help they have given to me as an employer, and just to help listen with family issues that has happened through the years. Any time I needed anything all I ever needed to do is call, text, or email. If they didnt have an answer they helped get information needed. They have always been very respectful in the home with the clients and myself and the family members in the homes. What can I say.. Just a great place to work…

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